Nicole DeAvilla

Always practical, Nicole DeAvilla looks to science and research, and asks the question, “So what does it mean to us, in our everyday lives?”  Her knack for taking the complex and making it simple is evident in her writing, teaching, and public speaking.

Registered at the highest level through Yoga Alliance, as an E-RYT 500 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher), Nicole is an active member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, the Ananda Yoga Teachers Association, and the International Yoga Therapy Conference. She currently serves on the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) Accreditation Committee . [To learn more about Nicole's work with IAYT click here]

Nicole has taught yoga and wellness at Kaiser Permanente.  She formerly taught and trained instructors for Being ADEPT’s (a drug and alcohol prevention program for tweens and teens) Yoga, Science and Stress Reduction curriculum.

Nicole was the former Executive Director of the PEG (Parent Education Group) of Marin, California 16th District Parent Education Chair and parent representative for the Stanford University’s Challenge Success program at Saint Ignatius College Prep. She speaks on a variety of parenting and stress reduction topics for parents and students.

Nicole has taken real life experiences as a yoga teacher, yoga therapist, yoga educator and yoga researcher with her involvement in the fields of science and education, on topics such as learning, success, health and well-being, to create innovative yoga teacher training programs, drug and alcohol prevention programs for middle school children, parent education programs, private client protocols, and mentoring programs. In this capacity, she has also taken on advisory and collaborative roles with K-12, higher education, government and other institutions.

Nicole’s research has been published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine and the International Journal of Yoga Therapy. She is a regular contributor to Clarity Magazine, Ananda Yoga Teachers Association, Yoga Therapy Today, and the online Yoga Teacher Support Center at the Expanding Light in addition to her other published articles and interviews. [For links to Nicole's articles,  click here.]

“2 Minute Yoga Fast and Easy Stress and Back Pain Relief for Anyone at Anytime”, Nicole’s book is the foundation for the 2 Minute Yoga Club online support and community, retreats and yoga teacher training’s. [To read about and/or purchase the book, click here]

An entertaining and well-informed speaker, Nicole presents to companies, school groups, clubs and professional organizations.

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